Reservoir Definition

  • Identification and delineation of producing intervals in sandstones or carbonate reservoirs
  • Identification and delineation of producing intervals in fractured source rock reservoirs
  • Identification of hydrocarbon types
  • Definition of gas-oil and oil-water  contacts
  • Definition of oil quality and producibility
  • Organic source type, thermal maturity, and type and degree alteration

Samples: Sidewall Cores, Conventional Cores, and Cuttings that have been preserved

Reservoir Continuity and Related Problems

  • Define vertical and lateral reservoir continuity and understand reservoir compartmentalisation in oil fields
  • Production allocation in commingled or multizone production
  • Detection of leakage in commingled production
  • Detection of drilling fluid contamination
  • Reservoir filling history

Samples: Crude Oils and Condensates

Analytical and Interpretation

Whole oil GC for reservoir oil fingerprinting; provides light hydrocarbon GC data, C15+ GC data, and measurement of smaller naphthenic and aromatic peak pairs ptrovides the data for the ratio calculations used in the starplots.