Interwell Tracer is a direct means to track sub surface fluid movement between wells. Tracer are widely used in Oil and Gas Industries as well as Geothermal Industries. We need Interwell Tracers to provide us with information on fluid movement in reservoir.

Information That Could be Obtained From Interwell Tracers :

  • Communication between well (fluid movement between injector and producer)
  • Directional flow trends
  • Delineation of flow barriers
  • Identification of problem injectors
  • Relative sweep efficiencies of injected fluids
  • Volumetric sweep efficiency
  • Evaluation of sweep improvement treatments

Sample of Chemical Water Phase Tracers (Polyfluorinated benzoic acids)


Geothermal exploration and development

  • At the onset of a geothermal exploration project it is uncertain whether or not the results will be economically, technically and environmentally feasible.
  • Geothermal exploration and development, therefore, invariably necessitate risk money.
  • Because of the uncertainty involved it has become common practice to divide the preparatory work into several phases in order to minimize cost and maximize information for each phase.

Geothermal project strategy 

  • Surface exploration
  • Exploration drilling
  • Production drilling
  • Preliminary power plant design
  • Financing, additional production drilling, construction
  • Operation, monitoring



Reservoir Definition

  • Identification and delineation of producing intervals in sandstones or carbonate reservoirs
  • Identification and delineation of producing intervals in fractured source rock reservoirs
  • Identification of hydrocarbon types
  • Definition of gas-oil and oil-water  contacts
  • Definition of oil quality and producibility
  • Organic source type, thermal maturity, and type and degree alteration

Samples: Sidewall Cores, Conventional Cores, and Cuttings that have been preserved

Reservoir Continuity and Related Problems

  • Define vertical and lateral reservoir continuity and understand reservoir compartmentalisation in oil fields
  • Production allocation in commingled or multizone production
  • Detection of leakage in commingled production
  • Detection of drilling fluid contamination
  • Reservoir filling history

Samples: Crude Oils and Condensates

Analytical and Interpretation

Whole oil GC for reservoir oil fingerprinting; provides light hydrocarbon GC data, C15+ GC data, and measurement of smaller naphthenic and aromatic peak pairs ptrovides the data for the ratio calculations used in the starplots.