BSI Lab Key Personnel

Below are the founders of BSI Lab company

Initiated by seven person who have experience in oil & gas industries, PT. Sapta Servisindo was established in Jakarta on 30th of September 2002, under Indonesia Law and legalized by Public Notary Mrs. Handriyani Sianipar, SH, No 9.

Started its main business in 2000 under the name PT. Langgeng Cipta Mandiri within the oil & gas industries for general trading with a focus on supply of drilling mud materials, especially on Lost Circulation Materials (LCM).

We further develop business activities by focusing on Chemicals for Oil Production Process, Laboratory Equipment and Analysis, Core Handling, Preservation And Preparation also Reservoir Study.

With long time experience in the field amid a growing exploration activities in both the oilfield, geothermal and CBM, we are confident and believe these business have a bright future.